The SmartLogic software is available from Google Code. The coming period I will try to give some more detailed information about its use.


SmartLogic Setup

This project uses

  • the ZTEX USB-FPGA 1.2 or ZTEX USB-FPGA 1.11 combined with an accompanying powerboard. All available from the ZTEX website
  • the SCUBA smart card project (included in the source)
  • a smart card interface to connect to the pins of the FPGA board

    More detailed documentation will be made available at the ZTEX Wiki.

    SmartLogic Trace

    This is a trace that was made when relaying a Chipknip (Dutch smart card payment system).

    Chipknip Trace by SmartLogic


    Some pictures of the SmartLogic in action.


    SmartLogic Chipknip Readout

    Reader with genuine Chipknip